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17 Sep

I think it’s about time I was to update this section…busy,busy.

The Very Best

05 Jul

The Little Heaven in Notting Hill

Feel Good With Reflexology

15 Jun

Get Fit With

28 Mar

Welcome to

17 Feb

“today-cell” not highlighted in iCal

21 Sep

The “today-cell” is supposed to be highlighted with a light-blue color but is not!

Fear not a solution as been found for this silly annoying little problem…read on.
Some applications, apparently change the screen contrast without your knowing it. Then the highlight becomes impossible to see. You can manually change the screen contrast back so the highlight is visible. Go to the Universal Access system preference and click the Seeing tab. Move the contrast slider all the way to the left, to Normal. This should make the highlighted day visible.

RACINE Restaurant

21 Jun

Racine Restaurant needed to have a Video and easy editing Platform.

This section allows the owner to update the site himself and post his latest video and Recipe.

Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

19 Jun

Here is how to set up your iPhone or iPod Touch to sync calendars with Google over the air:

1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add CalDAV Account

2. For the CalDAV settings, enter the following information. Note that your username should be the email address you use to access your Google calendar as well as the password.

3. Then tap “Next” and it should verify your information.

4. If you can’t get your account verified, tap “Advanced settings” and make sure that “Use SSL” is On, that the port is 443, and that your Account URL includes the sign “@” in your email address.

That’s it!

Now every time you add an event to your iPhone calendar, it will also show up on your Google calendar, and vice versa. You obviously need to have internet access from your iPod or iPhone for the data to sync. Note that the sync is not immediate. It sometimes takes a few seconds but besides this, it works very well.

DEELO gets a cool Website

21 May

Deelo is my son and I love his passion for Music and especially playing Guitar.

I said I will give him a website for his Birthday to keep his Grand-Parents up-to-date and he just loves the attention.

This also allow me to show you (potential clients)  what can be done with today CMS Tools.

It is very easy to managed even an 8 Year old can do it.



08 Sep

The ones that have upgraded to Snow Leopard first you will have to deal with a dark screen right after the instal is finished (only on MacBook Pro) it seems.
The work around is to access your machine via remote desktop or share screen facilities. Once the machine reboot you should be able to increase the screen brightness from the keyboard buttons. The other solution is to use a normal Flash Light and point it towards your screen, this will allow you to see where you want to click (strange but true).
The other annoying thing you will want to change is the nasty blue shade/border around the windows when in Exposee.
This is the way to change that:
Go to:
System > Library > CoreServices >
(right click: Show Package Contents)
then Contents > Resources
The images are: expose-window-selection-big.png for normal windows and expose-window-selection-small.png for minimized windows.
Having the image the same size and making the visible part smaller reduces the size of the highlight and the other way around.
Now you choose what you want to change it to.

There is a nice Tutorial and a Zip File Right Here


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